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Amy Sobelman, LCSW - Therapist

Amy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She began her career as a behavioral therapist working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Upon earning her Masters, Amy worked in community mental health working as a psychotherapist at Lamp Community and Step Up On Second.  She additionally has several years of experience working in residential and outpatient treatment specializing in working with adolescents and adults struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and eating disorders.  
Amy has extensive experience providing individual, family and group therapy to adolescents and adults.  She is trained in psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and mindfulness techniques.   Amy places great emphasis on the client-therapist relationship, as she believes that a strong therapeutic relationship between therapist and client can be a powerful catalyst for growth and change.  Amy works collaboratively with clients to both honor their unique wisdom and experience and to empower them to develop ownership over their recovery as well as their lives. 


Quick Facts

Credentials: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW)

License Year: 2016

Grad School: California State University Northridge