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Quick Facts

Credentials: Associate MFT (M.A.)

Graduation Year: 2016

Grad School: Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Melissa Medina, M.A. - Associate MFT

Melissa is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working under the direct supervision of Sarah Taylor, LMFT.

Melissa has gained clinical experience working in a community mental health setting providing individual and group psychotherapy. She has worked with clients of various diagnosis including Major Depression, Bipolar and Anxiety or other related disorders. Additional she has clinical experience working with individuals suffering from eating disorders by providing group therapy that consisted of mindfulness techniques, family dynamics and Cognitive Behavior Therapy in a residential setting.

Melissa uses a client-centered and developmental approach with her client’s and tailors’ client’s goals that also emphasizes their values and cultural background to help maximize ways to cope and achieve therapeutic goals. She believes on the power of the relationship to promote growth through a need of an environment that provides clients with genuineness, empathy, curiosity, acceptance and being seen with unconditional positive regard.