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Dr. Krumholz is an amazing doctor, who engages articulately and makes you feel validated and welcome.

​​What our patients say about us...

I'm so so so grateful for Dr. Safvati. She completely changed the course of my recovery after a traumatic experience and thanks to her I'm recovered!

I have been to a few therapists in my life, but Sarah at Tiny Steps is the first one that has made me feel comfortable enough to actually be open and progressively take care of myself.

Sarah has been a godsend for us! Her kind and knowledgeable approach always brings things back into proper focus. I have referred Tiny Steps to both friends, school personnel and other providers.

I've enjoyed my sessions tremendously and realized I had a lot more things to talk about that I originally thought I did. I'm learning new things on each visit, which is priceless.
So thankful to have Dr. Safvati as my Therapist.

Sarah is great. I trust her and enjoying speaking with her each week. She has really helped me manage my anxiety.